General Transfer


DApp requires users to initiate a TRX transfer.


The DApp developer completes the request to connect to the website, and the user approves to the connection. The DApp sends a request asking the user to connect the wallet to the website, and the user approves to the connection.

It takes 3 steps to initiate a transfer on the TRON network:

  1. Create a transfer transaction

  2. Sign the transaction

  3. Broadcast the signed transaction

In this process, Step 2 requires TronLink while both Step 1 and 3 happen on tronWeb.



if (window.tronLink.ready) {
  const tronweb = tronLink.tronWeb;
  const fromAddress = tronweb.defaultAddress.base58;
  const toAddress = "TAHQdDiZajMMP26STUnfsiRMNyXdxAJakZ";
  const tx = await tronweb.transactionBuilder.sendTrx(toAddress, 10, fromAddress); // Step1
  try {
    const signedTx = await tronweb.trx.sign(tx); // Step2
    await tronweb.trx.sendRawTransaction(signedTx); // Step3
  } catch (e) {
    // error handling

If the user chooses on “Reject” in the pop-up window, an exception will be thrown, which the developer can catch for further processing.

If the user chooses “Sign” in the pop-up window, the DApp receives and broadcasts the signed transaction.

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