Custom Token

What is Custom Token?

Users can manually add TRC-20 and TRC-721 assets that are not recorded as tokens on TronScan as custom tokens in TronLink, which helps users search and manage their token assets more easily.

Add Custom Token

Add: Add tokens in TronLink App: Home --> My Assets --> Add Custom Token

Possible limitations: Certain TronLink features, such as "transfer" and "approve," may be unavailable when custom tokens are added in TronLink. This is because certain ABI in the contract code (e.g., transfer, approve, etc.) are not identified. TronLink will notify users when such cases occur.

Synchronization with TronScan: If the custom token has already been recorded on TronScan, Tronlink will notify the user to synchronize token information with TronScan; once done, the custom token will adopt the corresponding token information on TronScan.

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