Multi-Signature Transfer

For this section, you may refer to General Transfer
if (window.tronLink.ready) {
const tronweb = tronLink.tronWeb;
const toAddress = "TRKb2nAnCBfwxnLxgoKJro6VbyA6QmsuXq";
const activePermissionId = 2;
const tx = await tronweb.transactionBuilder.sendTrx(
toAddress, 10,
{ permissionId: activePermissionId}
); // step 1
try {
const signedTx = await tronweb.trx.multiSign(tx, undefined, activePermissionId); // step 2
await tronweb.trx.sendRawTransaction(signedTx); // step 3
} catch (e) {}
If the user chooses “Reject” in the pop-up window, an exception will be thrown, which the developer can catch for further processing. If the user chooses “Sign” in the pop-up window, the DApp receives and broadcasts the signed transaction.